For students

For students

How do I specialize in Ecotoxicology?

In the Ecotoxicology group at SDU we offer the most comprehensive education in ecotoxicology in Denmark. During the Biology study we offer many exciting courses.

Your start in our laboratories

Because we work with toxic substances we want to make sure that everybody working in our laboratories work under safe conditions and that nobody pose a risk to themselves or others. Therefore, the laboratory technicians will introduce all new students (except students doing literature studies) to our laboratories by a mandatory one-day crash course. The course will take you through small laboratory exercises and basic knowledge such as use of lab instruments, handling of chemicals and waste, Kemibrug, how to calibrate pipettes and pH-meters, and how to calculate and validate results. The aim of the course is to get to know our new students and to show you the value of Good Laboratory Practice. We believe that the daily life in the laboratory is much easier and safer if everybody works according to the same rules and values.

Career opportunities

Our former master students are employed in a wide range of jobs reflecting the highly inter-disciplinary nature of ecotoxicology. Besides jobs requiring specific ecotoxicological knowledge (regulatory jobs, science and teaching), many of our students have been employed based on their competences in analytical laboratory work (industry). This is one of the reasons why almost all our courses contain laboratory work.

Career pathways of former students

Master students specialized in ecotoxicology at SDU have started careers in diverse fields of biology and chemistry:

  • Pharmaceutical industry such as Novo Nordisk and Lundbeck
  • Toxicological testing companies such as Lab Research Denmark
  • Regulatory jobs such as The Environmental Protection Agency  (Miljøstyrelsen), Municipalities and Regions (Kommuner og Regioner)
  • Consultants and consulting groups such as COWI and Rambøll
  • Public science communication such as Naturama, Den Blå Planet,
  • Fjord & Bælt
  • Laboratory equipment and supplies companies such as Agilent
  • Technologies, Thermo Fischer Scientific and Bie & Berntsen
  • High school teaching
  • Science/Research
  • International jobs in Regulatory Bodies such as the European
  • Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

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