Endocrine disrupting chemicals and ecotoxicological test systems

Development and validation of ecotoxicological test methods for assessment of endocrine disrupting effects of chemicals with focus on development of OECD test guidelines

Involved: Karin Lund Kinnberg, Henrik Holbech, Jane Ebsen Morthorst and Poul Bjerregaard


The overall goal of this project is the development and optimization of ecotoxicological OECD test guidelines to assess the endocrine disrupting effects of chemicals. The objective is generally to influence the OECD’s decisions concerning development and enhancement of guidelines on fish, amphibians and invertebrates in close dialogue with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

After successful development of the Fish Sexual Development Test (FSDT) guideline (OECD TG 234) - which is designed to detect chemicals with (anti-)estrogenic and (anti-)androgenic properties as well as sex steroidogenesis disturbing properties - the focus is now on extension of the test with thyroid endpoints.

Grant provider: Danish Environmental Protection Agency (Miljøstyrelsen)

Grant No.: 621-00212

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