Facilities, equipment and methods

Our laboratory facilities

Our experimental work mainly focuses on aquatic ecotoxicology and we have laboratory facilities for experimental work with marine and freshwater species of fish and invertebrates such as snails, shrimps and mussels. However, students have also worked with roe deer and fur of polar bears and you are welcome to present your own ideas.

Our lab is well equipped for quantification of metals (atomic absorption spectrophotometry and mercury analyser), analytical chemistry (gas and liquid chromatography, mass spectrometry), histology, methods for detection of endocrine disrupters, and quantification of toxic effects of chemicals and pharmaceuticals i.e. by using immunochemical techniques.

If you decide to do a project in ecotoxicology you get the opportunity to gain experience in design of laboratory experiments (practical and statistical), widely used laboratory methods (e.g. enzyme- and immuno assays, chromatography and histology) and statistical data analysis - skills that are highly requested by many employers.


- Marine laboratory in Kerteminde

- Freshwater laboratory

- State of the art laboratories for biochemical, chemical, GMO and metal analysis

- Field experiments possibilities (cars and boats are available)

- Commercial diving support

Methods and equipment list

Biochemistry Lab (Annette Duus)

Electrophoresis, SDS page and Western blotting

Column chromatography (Äkta Purifier, Äkta Prime)

ELISA techniques

Design and validation of antibodies

Histo-Lab (Annette Duus)

Histological procedures

Immunofluorescence and histochemistry

HCS-Lab/ CEPIA-Lab (Annette Duus)

Confocal microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy



Metals (Bente Holbech)

Metal analysis (Perkin Elmer AAnalyst100, DMA80, Brooks Rand Methyl Mercury)


Chemical analysis (Bente Holbech)

HPLC (Agilent 1100 series)

LC-MS/MS (Agilent 1200 series, Triple quad 6410)

GC-MS/MS (Trace 1310, TSQ 8000 EVO)

Solid phase extraction (Dionex Autotrace 280, TurboVap)


GMO-Lab (Bente Holbech)

Reporter gen assays YES and YAS


Aquaria facilities (Bente Holbech)

Climate rooms, climate chambers, aquatic flow-through exposure equipment

Links for Instruction videos:

Calibration of a pH-meter

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